Metocean Services

Mahakarya Geo Survey assist our client to plan their operation and provide a better understanding of the environment for engineering design, by providing a good meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) data and its advanced analysis.


Complex metocean processes be able to produce highly variable conditions, presenting challenges for both offshore and coastal related activities. Metocean services can be applied in offshore and coastal activities are:

  • Metocean support for concept and design
  • Coastal engineering and metocean processes
  • Deepwater metocean measurements
  • Metocean support for offshore exploration drilling
  • Metocean services to support offshore production


Metocean Survey Measurement

  • Ocean physical parameters survey (waves, current, and tide)
  • Nearshore and Offshore measurement
  • Meteorological parameters survey
  • Seabed and suspended sediment survey
  • Coral health monitoring

Metocean Survey Methodology

  • Real time measurement (waves, current, and tide)
  • Seabed mounted, vessel mounted, in-line mooring mounted for waves, current and tide measurement, water quality measurement
  • Meteorological buoy and tower stations
  • Coral health monitoring with Coremap – LIPI or Reefheck standard


  • Numerical modelling (1D, 2D, and 3D) of waves and current
  • Forecasting analysis of tides and weather
  • Infragravity wave analysis
  • Sediment transport modelling for erosion and accretion analysis
  • Satelite-based Ocean data analysis
  • Seawater quality analysis for investigation of upwelling, downwelling, fishing ground, pollutant distribution
  • ENSO (El-Nino and La Nina) and IOD analysis



Our survey equipment:

  • ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)
  • AWAC (Acoustic Waves and Current)
  • Weather Station
  • Tide Gauge + Tide Master
  • Grab Sampler Sediment
  • Niskin Bottle
  • CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth)

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