Airborne Geosolutions

Photogrammetry (or generally known as aerial mapping), either with airborne vehicle or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) needs has been emerging on the last decades. The significant research and development progress has been showcased and utilized to respond the industry: from infrastructure development to asset integrity inspections, from mining and energy exploration to LIDAR technology. Within the 5 years, MGS has been consistently taking the UAV technology into an integrated geosolution to support infrastructure development as base of detailed engineering design.


At the beginning of the new decade, as the needs of airborne gravity/gradiometry emerges, we are perfecting our services with strategic partnership with world class technology provider in order to deliver the Full-Tensor Gravity (FTG) utilized in mineral and oil and gas exploration. With variety of units and specifications, we are showcasing and delivering the service into something worth to be utilzed as full service airborne geosolutions.

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