2D, 3D, and High Resolution Marine Seismic Survey

With S/V Nordic Bahari vessel, we are able to conduct the high end 2D seismic survey.
Our vessel is strategically positioned to serve the main operating and frontier regions.

Our 2D, 3D, and High Resolution vessels provide clients with reliable, safe and cost effective acquisition locally. Recent expansion in streamer capacity allows for long offset acquisition with vessels capable of towing up to 6 km plus streamers.

  • High Resolution acquisition
  • Long and Ultra long offset streamers
  • Broadband acquisition technology
  • Fast-Track on-board processing capability
  • Robust Project management
    • Survey design
    • Gun array modelling
    • Feasibility studies
    • Onshore support
    • Chase boat management
    • Risk assessment and security planning
    • Logistics and supply chain management
  • QHSE Excellence
  • Pre-qualified with several major E & P companies


Nordic Bahari dedicated to serve the needs in marine seismic exploration in the region. With an ideal space, facilities, and technologies, our vessels suites the needs to acquire the 2D, 3D, and high resolution seismic data in challenging and shallow area of archipelago of Indonesia and South East Asia region.


Our success criteria for the service consists of these critical points, combined with efficient collection of high quality seismic data.

  • Industry recognised shallow water 3D towed streamer experts
  • 2D, 3D, and High Resolution acquisition
  • 2D Long and Ultra long acquisition
  • Robust Project management
  • QHSE Excellence
  • Broadband processing


As an experienced and integrated geophysical company, we have the expert personnel and technology to optimize the seismic acquisition parameters as required by our clients. With the broadband technique along with the required acquisition parameters, we are able to adjust the profile of our streamer depth and the source, which will be adjusted along with these advanced parameters:  

  • Number of streamers
  • Streamer length
  • Streamer separation
  • Number of sources
  • Source separation
  • Source output
  • Shotpoint interval
  • Record length
  • Sample interval
  • Filter settings
  • Line heading


These parameters control the fold and crossline sampling in the field and impact signal to noise levels at the target.  Together with the important input from clients on geologic characteristics from the survey area like dip, velocity, impedance, attenuation, and target depth; we also need information about the type of target, for instance structural versus stratigraphic plays.  

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